The family must – found a lottery coupon worth 842 million

Andrew Clark had a large stack of uncontrolled lottery tickets in the car. It could cost him one of the lottery prizes of all time.

Sometimes it can pay to do as the family says. Englishman Andrew Clark’s partner in Linconshire, Trisha Fairhurst, had long been mastering him to go through the huge pile of lottery tickets floating around in his car.

In the past, a winning lot had been drawn where the prize was at astronomical NOK 842 million, the twelfth largest winning sum ever given in the UK. But no one had appeared with the winning ticket, and Trisha joked that Andrew might be driving a hidden treasure in the car.

Andrew had for a long time dropped to follow Trisha’s call, mostly because of good, old stubbornness. But when her niece Louise also began, the 51-year-old construction worker found that it was just as good to do as he was asked.

Thus, Andrew went into the car, picked up the huge pile of lottery coupons and went through them methodically. Finally, he made the big discovery – it was he who had the coupon that made him $ 842 million richer overnight.

“I’m very happy that Trisha and Louise are trying to get me to check the coupons ,” said a brilliant winner of Sky News .

“I never thought it would end up being able to shout out” I managed, I won 842 million! “I should not say what Trisha answered back, he smiled.

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