Extreme winds and Hurricane expected in Western Norway

On Wednesday evening, extreme winds and Hurricane are expected in the castles in Western Norway. Unusually Heavy winds are also expected in Eastern Norway, especially along the Oslo Fjord.

“We have sent yellow hazard warning for strong winds in Western Norway. It is expected winds up to 35 meters per second. It is equivalent to wind at 126 kilometers per hour. Loose objects should be secured, “the warning from theMeteorological Institute states.

“Trees can fall and break and cause power outage, large-scale objects can move on and there may be problems with public communications such as ferries and bridges, ” says Meteorologist at Vervarslinga in Western Norway, Geir Ottar Fagerlid, to Bergens Tidende. 

He has asked the people to take the warning seriously and stay away from the mountains and its coast when it is at its worst.

Helene behind the heavy winds

“The main reason is Helene, who has been down in the Atlantic and beyond Africa before it is now heading north to the British Isles and Ireland. It takes a lot of humid air up to us. On Wednesday, West Norway gets a lot of wind and rain,” says meteorologist at Meteorological Institute, Kristian Gislefoss, to NTB.

The wind will hit the coast with different strengths.

Even in Eastern Norway, it grows up to the storm.

“Tonight and night it will blow freshly into parts of Eastern Norway, and on the coast and into the Oslo Fjord we can wait winds up to 20 m / s. It may be a good idea to fix loose items before you take the evening, “the Meteorological Department warns Wednesday morning.

“More wind is expected along the entire Skagerrakkysten coast, but in the outer part of Oslofjord the wind can suddenly come to a halt,” says Per Egil Haga, watchdog meteorologist in southern and eastern Norway.

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