Explosives found in a package by the police at Ski in Akershus

A package was sent to the police filled with explosives.

There were explosives in the package that came to the police at Ski in Akershus on Wednesday, police reported. Nobody is so far suspicious in the case.

East police district held a press conference on the incident on Thursday afternoon.

According to police chief Jon Steven Hasseldal, this is an improvised explosion charge.

“It was a sharp, real bomb intended and potential to harm people,” said police chief Jon Steven Hasseldal.

The police chief does not want to say anything about the package’s construction and justifies it with regard to the investigation.

“This is a very serious criminal offense, and we consider this to be an attack on the police with great potential,” he emphasizes.

So far no one is suspicious in the case. Eastern police district receives assistance from Kripos in the investigation and has even set up a major investigation group.

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