Exploration Campaign after missing  yacht in Hordaland continues  Sunday

The search continues on Sunday after a leisure boat with one person on board who has been missing since Friday. The boat was on its way from Sandnessjøen to Hjellestad.

The 31-foot recreational boat was reported missing at 10.33 on Friday morning. According to the boatman, a man in mid-50s who had drive the boat to Hjellstad outside Bergen. The boat should have arrived at 12 o’clock on Friday.

“We received a message from a mate about missing boat that he thought something had happened. They had talked on the phone when the mate heard something he thought was abnormal, after which they were broken. The cameraman did not contact when he called back, and he then contacted us, rescuer Andreas Bull at the Norwegian Rescue Centers Southern Norway previously informed NTB.

The boat was last seen north of the Fensfjord, and the exploration is now taking place in the area of ​​Fensfjorden, Gulen and Austrheim. Both the Coast Guard, the Rescue Company and the Red Cross have boats in the search.

Observations of the missing boat are of great interest. The main redress center of southern Norway and the police are particularly interested in knowing about the observations made by a small vessel that crossed the Fensfjord from Brosmeosen to Vetegjøgra between 10am and 11pm on Friday.

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