Expert group believes surgery against shoulder pain should be dropped

Almost 6,000 Norwegians are operated every year for pain in the shoulder without the intervention having an effect, according to an international expert group.

5.952 Norwegians were operated for the shoulder pain called subacromial pain syndrome in 2017, writes Aftenposten.

According to an international expert group, led by Professor Per Olav Vandvik at the University of Oslo, it has to operate no effect either for pain, function or quality of life. They also believe that surgery can be risky and pose a burden to patients, and it is expensive.

– I think fewer patients had asked for surgery if they were informed about how little effect it has, Vandvik to the newspaper.

The findings are based on a systematic review of studies from around the world. They were recently published in a major article in the renowned medical journal BMJ (British Medical Journal).

Vandvik says that their task has been to quickly go through new knowledge that may lead to changes in practice. According to the professor, the shoulder pain for half of those affected will pass in half a year, while for others it can last for years.

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