European elected representatives are not allowed to enter Venezuela

Five elected representatives from Europe have been denied access to Venezuela. They were invited by opposition leader Juan Guaido, who rages on social media.

It was Saturday that Venezuelan authorities rejected the EU elected representatives on arrival in the country.

“We are expelled from Venezuela, our passports have been seized, they have not informed us of the reason for the eviction,” said the head of the group of the European Parliament, Spanish Esteban Gonzalez Pons.

The delegation was invited by opposition leader Juan Guaido.

The other members of the delegation are Jose Ignacio Salafranca and Gabriel Mato Adrover, also from Spain, as well as Esther de Lange from the Netherlands and Paulo Rangel from Portugal.

On Twitter, Guaido rages against the government’s decision to deny them access. He writes that they are being deported by an isolated and increasingly irrational regime.

– The throne man is the one who increases the cost of what is already a fact: the transition, he writes.

The “throne man” is a reference to President Nicolás Maduro, whom he thinks has wrongfully committed to power in the country. Guaido has a plan to get one million volunteers to defy the blockade of President Maduro and bring in emergency aid from the United States across borders.

According to Guaido, over 600,000 have now volunteered. Without revealing details of the plans, Guaido says they will be transported by bus to designated points of entry. The whole operation will take place on Saturday, if all goes as Guaido wants.

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