Equinor and Telenor deny employees bonus points on private trips

Equinor and Telenor are among the companies that refuse employees’ bonus points on private travel, writes Dagens Næringsliv.

On January 1, new reporting rules were introduced for the use of bonus points, which obliges employers to tax the employees’ bonus use.

But an increasing number of companies bypass the bureaucracy with reporting by denying the employees bonus points on private journeys, says head Bernt Roger Eliassen in the travel agency group BCD Travels, to the newspaper .

“I would estimate that 70 to 80 percent of the corporate customers we have talked to so far have chosen to ban private use of bonus points earned on business travel,” he says.

Equinor and Telenor, which together have 40,000 employees, are among the companies that have introduced such a rule for their employees.

– It is the individual employee who is responsible for keeping track of their own bonus points and ensuring that they do not take out bonus points earned on a business trip, for private purposes, says press officer Bård Glad Pedersen in Equinor.

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