An entire street evacuated after a fire in a home in Finnmark

Strong winds and great sparks of danger have led the police to evacuate residents throughout the street where it burns heavily in a home in Kjøllefjord in Finnmark.

Police received notification of the incident at 6.36 Sunday. The house is located right on the top of the harbor in Kjøllefjord and, according to information from the neighbors, will be unoccupied. However, there may have been people who have been living there, police said in Finnmark.

– The houses are close all over the street, so we have evacuated twelve residents from the other houses. It blows stiff breeze so the spark danger is great even though the fire service has some control over the fire itself, says operations manager Jan Arne Pettersen in Finnmark police district to NTB.

He says that both the other houses and the cars that are in the street are very exposed to the sparks that spread quickly in the strong wind. All the emergency services are on site. The evacuators have all been temporarily staying with friends and acquaintances pending the extinction of the fire.

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