Electric vehicle owners in Bergen have to pay a toll

Electric vehicles usage in Bergen has passed 20 percent overall, so electric carriers are included under the toll fee and would have to pay toll in the city.

– Process for introduction of a toll fee in Bergen can be started anytime, confirms Senior Advisor Kristian Bauge in the Norwegian Public Roads Administration against VG .

In October, Hordaland County Council decided to introduce a toll fee for electric vehicles in Bergen when the proportion of electric cars had passed 20 percent. In October, the share was 19.9 per cent. The proportion of electric cars that pass the toll booths in the city rose to 20.5 percent in November, showing figures published Monday morning.

The new price for electric cars through the toll booth in Bergen will be 10 kroner and 20 kroner during the rush hour. That’s about half of the gasoline cars with a cargo agreement have to pay.

Since the reign of Erna Solberg came to power, the number of bus stations has increased from 170 to 245.

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