Elden doubts that Jensen can get a fair trial in Norway

After the jury leaks in the appeal case of Eirik Jensen, the defender John Christian Elden doubts at any Norwegian court will treat his client fairly.

– It will probably be a point for the question of whether the case can be re-treated for any Norwegian court, or whether it is impossible to get a fair treatment after that. In the latter case, the indictment will not be further processed by any court, and the case must be dismissed, Elden told the Lawyer .

The jury found former police officer Jensen guilty of corruption, but not in drug crime. The judges chose to reject the jury’s narcotics fraternity. The fire has appealed the rejection, but it may be weeks before the appeal can be processed.

At least one non-named jury member has broken the duty of confidentiality and told the media what happened behind the jury’s closed doors.

The reactions have been strong. Aftenposten’s commentator Harald Stanghelle says it has not been “a worthy sight”, while law professor Jørn Øyrehagen Sunde has called it a disaster.

“An evidence-based statement by the three judges on their views on the question of guilt – when this is not justified by the fact that the judiciary had made any legal errors – will also be central to an assessment of whether there is any court of law left to deal with the case,” said Elden.

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