Eight million in damages after Trident Juncture

So far, countries that participated in the Nato exercise Trident Juncture have paid together eight million dollars in damages.

The Armed Forces and NATO have registered 192 damage to farmland and 44 injuries in forests and forests since NATO material arrived in August and until November 18, the Nation writes.

So far, eight million dollars have been paid in compensation. Marianne Bø, chief and environmental officer at the Armed Forces operating headquarters, expects the amount to increase.

“NATO has planned the exercise, and the countries that have practiced are going to pay the damages. If a country is injuries, it is stated in NATO’s agreement that the country will cover 75 per cent, while Norway will cover 25 per cent, says Bø to the newspaper.

She says that the number of reported injuries will continue to increase as well. According to Bø, the Defense’s recommendation was that NATO forces should avoid damaging food soil.

– It’s broken more than we could wish for. There came a lot of strengths, and unfortunately they have also practiced cultivated land, even though we’d rather have seen that they had practiced only in the outskirts, says the Major.

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