Eight jihadists killed in air strikes

The Egyptian armed forces say eight militant Islamists from the IS have been killed in an air raid against a “terrorist base” in the desert west of the country.

Egypt launched an extensive offensive against the extremist group last year to drive IS out of the Sinai Peninsula in the east and from the desert areas at the border with Libya.

– The air force directed an attack on a terrorist base. The operation was completed, and eight very dangerous terrorists were killed, the statement said in the country’s armed forces. In addition, “other persons” must be arrested, but no further details have come of this.

“The terror cell planned hostile acts aimed at destabilizing the country,” the armies said without elaborating on it.

The security forces in Egypt are constantly coming away with announcements that alleged jihadists are killed, but without identifying the killers or groups they belong to. Nor will any further details be given about the actions they are supposed to have planned. It is impossible to obtain independent confirmation of information on military operations.

Groups such as Human Rights Watch have condemned extrajudicial liquidations, especially in Sinai.

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