DumDum Boys releases a new album on Friday – their first in six years.

One of Norway’s biggest rock bands throughout the ages, DumDum Boys, releases its first release in six years. Their eleventh studio album is called “Arms and Bones.”

A press release on Thursday night reveals that the band has spent the last three years completing ten songs for the new album. Everything is celebrated with a free concert in Prindsens Hage in Storgata in Oslo Friday night, 

According to the press release, “Arms and Bones” are mostly produced by Martin Horntveth, drummer in both Jaga Jazzist and The National Bank.

“I have grown up with DumDum Boys and is a big fan. It is a great honor to work with them. As the title says, there have been a lot of arms and legs, but I have rarely experienced so much goose skin in a recording process, says Horntveth in the message.

The album cover is, by the way, a portrait of band members, designed by German artist Marco Wagner.

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