The drug year 2018: MDMA on the rise, and the sale is moved to the net

More and more of the drug sales in this country happen on the Internet, according to the police. In parallel, the market for new synthetic drugs, especially MDMA, is growing.

– The drug market has changed over the past decade. The Internet, both the dark web, open channels and social media, has become a sales arena for illegal drugs, writes Kripos in its report on drug crime in this country last year.

– Although the turnover via the internet is small compared to the total market, it appears to be increasing, Kripos points out.

Overall, the drug field – at least as regards the number of cases – was declining and last year was at its lowest level in ten years with 24,361 cases. There are 3.6 percent fewer cases than in 2017.

Hash and marijuana still dominate the statistics with half of the seizures, 46 percent, while amphetamines and benzodiazepines follow the next sites, accounting for 14 percent of the seizures. A trend that has been stuck in recent years, according to Kripos, is that several different substance types are seized in one and the same case, both in terms of user cases and larger import cases.

There were 80 percent more MDMA tablets seized last year than in 2017. The synthetic drug accounted for 4 percent of the total number of drug seizures.

– We still see an increase in the number of MDMA seizures, and there are particular seizures of tablets that increase. Tablets have made up almost two-thirds of the MDMA seizures over the past six months, whereas previously it was powder and crystalline material that dominated. In 2018, 80 per cent more tablets were seized than in 2017.

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