Dreamliner set speed records

A passenger aircraft from Virgin Atlantic got solid tailwind from powerful jet currents, resulting in extreme speed.

Never before has the aircraft type Boeing 787-9, popularly called Dreamliner, come up at a faster rate than Virgin Atlantics flight number 8 from Los Angeles to London last week.

On its journey across the United States, the passenger plane came up at a speed of 1289 kilometers per hour, about 40 kilometers per hour faster than the aircraft’s previously recorded maximum speed and faster than the sound, several US media reports.

The extreme speed is due to powerful jet currents across the US. However, because the jet currents moved in the same direction as the plane, the plane did not break the sound barrier, the newspaper Daily Mail writes .

The Virgin Atlantic plane spent 9 hours and 14 minutes at the distance and landed in London 48 minutes before scheduled time.

It is, however, far from the world record for a passenger plane on the Atlantic Ocean. It was set off by a Concorde flight which on February 7, 1996 spent an incredible two hours, 52 minutes and 59 seconds on its way from New York to London. The supersonic plane then came up at a maximum speed of 2172.6 kilometers per hour.

Norwegian airline also has a record over the Atlantic. In January last year, a Dreamliner from the Norwegian airline spent 5 hours and 13 minutes on the journey from New York to London. There is a new record for passenger aircraft that cannot break the sound wall.

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