Our door is open for KrF, says Erna Solberg

At a press conference on Friday night,  the prime minister emphasized that she believes the Christian People’s Party wants the most from today’s government.

“KrF’s leadership has set a process for entering government. I will emphasize, as I have said before, that our door is open for talks, for government participation, also for the Christian People’s Party, “said Erna Solberg after Hareide’s speech at the country council meeting Friday.

 KrF has two options. Either part of a majority government with us, or in a minority government with the Labor Party and the Center Party, who have to lean on SV, said the prime minister.

Solberg was clear that KrF would get the most impact in a government with the Right, Left and Frp.

“We have five years behind us with significant impact on the Christian People’s Party. Now the party has also been given the opportunity for its important electoral promise about teacher norms, “said Solberg.

Solberg emphasized that she was sitting as prime minister.

“So far, the government is on for as long as we have a majority behind us. We will make the necessary priorities and this government will continue to govern the country in a good way, “said Solberg.

Knut Arild Hareide’s concerns

In his speech on Friday, he emphasized  ​​like charity and a warmer society.

“We will stand for a society built on responsibility, trust and security. We need a society where there is trust and we do not put groups against each other. Trust is perhaps the most basic social value we have, he said, and showed that the tone of debate becomes important.

He also stated that KrF is closest to the center party.

“It is with the Center Party that KrF has the strongest value society in Norwegian politics. The contrast to the Progress Party is significant. We have shared involvement for the elderly, Israel, volunteers and much more. But the list of issues with disagreement is great, Hareide said and read a long list of familiar conflicts between them.

There has been a great deal of excitement for Hareide’s speech, where he is expected to come up with signals as to which direction he prefers the party to take forward. The big question is whether KrF will still support the civic side, or take the step over to the reddish.


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