Didrik Tønseth, the cross-country skier, announces medal ambitions

Challenges the athletics elite

Didrik Tønseth (27) announces medal ambitions in front of the NM long run in terrain in Bratsberg in Trondheim on Sunday. The 27-year-old from Byåsen is by far the best rider among the male national team in cross-country skiing. He says he is excited about the participation and if any of the best in Norway appears.

– I’m going for medal. It is NM. The athletics season is almost over and they are well underway in the next season already. I have not run too much, but it will be exciting anyway, Tønseth told NTB during the Molde meeting last week.

The 10-kilometer at Bratsberg’s backyard is a little motivational rosin in a cross-country season that the coach has hopes for. The training has been very good for him for a long time, and it was far from last season’s front.

Then he had barely started the most important preparations after falling under the roller skating in Italian Livigno and gained a concussion that had hammered him through much of the season.

13 months later the afterwards have disappeared. The head works again.

“It came and last season, and maybe I’m not 100 percent. I never think I’ll be, but I know much less about it. It may appear when I have been very tall and will travel quickly to the lowlands again. It can be challenging, but as long as I’m at stable height, it’s fine.

– And that means in terms of what’s coming?

“I’m going into this season with greater confidence than last year. Then I was not in training until around this time. Then I did not know when it was going to be good again. Then it became a bit of luck and pity.

Didrik Tønseth says it was good at Kuusamo’s World Cup start before two heavy weekends followed.

“Then it was good before the Olympics, but in the Olympics I did not get any individual distances. And the ending was bad again. There was a lot of up and down. If you understand why it’s up and down, it’s okay, but when you do not understand why it’s frustrating.

Training continuously

– Then will there be heavy thoughts?

– You have no experience with it. I talked to many experts, but there were few answers to get. It may not be that easy for them either. There are some examples where this never goes over, and there are some who get rid of it after two days. There are no facet responses.

Tønseth says there have been no drastic changes in the training world, but that the new main trainer Eirik Myhr Nossum has contributed some “thief tricks” here and there.

“I have focused on continuity in the training. There have been a lot of tougher sessions and some quiet sessions. I have searched for the contrasts, says Tønseth.

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