Denmark will create nine new islands at Copenhagen

Denmark’s government will fill in three million square meters in the sea outside Copenhagen to secure new jobs.

Nine artificial islands can be completed outside Copenhagen in 2040, if the Danish government gets what they want. A total of three million square meters will be filled in the sea outside Avedøre Holme at the Danish capital, writes Danish TV 2 .

According to the government, the intention is to create one of Northern Europe’s leading business areas for knowledge building, green and innovative production,writes Danish TV2.

The companies in the area shall be divided into clusters in order to utilize knowledge sharing as best as possible.

The plans will be submitted on Monday morning.

– Ensures jobs close to Copenhagen

– There has been a lot of focus on building expensive homes by the water in the Copenhagen area, but this project has a completely different profile – to secure the future of workplaces close to Copenhagen, says a source with knowledge of the project to TV2.

The artificial islands will have a total area corresponding to 420 football fields when they are finished.

According to calculations made by Deloitte and Rambøll, the islands will be able to attract up to 380 new businesses and create 12,000 jobs.

The development project will be one of the largest in recent times in Denmark.

The government is planning to start filling in already in 2022.

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