Defense: – No fault on Norwegian F-35 aircraft

Norwegian F-35 aircraft was on the ground after a crash in the United States two weeks ago during a training operation. Post crash, F-35 aircraft was banned to fly in US for aircraft hardware check.

The United States and its international partners have temporarily suspended all F-35 aircraft and launch a comprehensive inspection of a fuel pipe inside the engine on each aircraft, AFP reported on Thursday.

“I can confirm that the defense materials that stand for this have done the same, and the flight ban for the Norwegian planes has been lifted after no mistakes were found during the inspection,” said Major Roar Vold, Armed Forces Press Officer at NTB.

The inspection was conducted on the basis of preliminary data from the accident investigation.

– For safety reasons, all F-35 fighters were allowed a flight ban until the necessary inspections were carried out, “said Vold.

It was on September 28 that a F-35B aircraft from the US Marine Corps was completely destroyed during training in South Carolina, USA.

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