Damaged car driver  stuck from  accident –  obtained  of police dogs in Skien

Two people in their 20’s met with an accident after driving off the road at Solum in Skien. The car rolled around and stuck in woods. Police dogs traced them after half an hour.

South-West police district reported on traffic accident on county road 353 on Monday midnight in twitter . One person was taken to the hospital due the injuries.

“There was a woman in the 20’s who had borrowed a car from a acquaintance. This one has run out. The woman and a man in the car stuck to the woods, and a dog patrol found them half an hour later, says operations manager Knut Larsen to VG .

The police report that the woman has been driven to hospital with possible head injury, while the man, also in the 20’s, has been transported to the emergency department.

Police first informed Twitter that they suspected that the woman was driving the car, but to VG they say a bit later that it is unclear who drove.

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