Dale suggests that wheelchairs should run for 15 kilometers per hour

Minister of Transport Jon Georg Dale (FRP) has asked the Directorate of Public Roads to propose changes to the regulations so that wheelchair users can drive for 15 kilometers per hour.

Today, the maximum speed for wheelchairs is 10 kilometers per hour.

– Such a speed increase is desired by the users, at the same time we must ensure that it does not go beyond the traffic safety of other road users, says Minister of Transport Jon Georg Dale (FRP).

With better wheelchairs, wheelchairs are also used elsewhere in traffic than just on sidewalks. Therefore, the government now wants to facilitate an increase to 15 km / h.

Such a speed increase requires changes in the regulations, among other things in the traffic rules.

The Directorate of Public Roads will now prepare proposals for changes and send out the proposals for consultation, the report states in a letter from the Minister of Transport to the Road Directorate.

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