Crown Princess Mette-Marit has been diagnosed with rare variant of pulmonary fibrosis

Says she will work as much as possible

The Crown Princess Mette-Marit (45) has recently been diagnosed with a disease called pulmonary fibrosis which is basically a lung disease. She has lived with the disease for a long time but has been diagnosed now for the first time.

– According to the Crown Princess’s doctor, Professor Kristian Bjøro at the National Hospital, Mette-Marit has over the years undergone extensive investigations related to her health, and an unusual variant of fibrosis in the lungs has been demonstrated.

The Crown Princess is, although, focusing on working as much as possible while being aware of the fact that there will be time when she wont be as good as she wish she was.

“I’ve had periods where I’ve been bad for some time, so I know a bit about what this is about. I am primarily focused on working as much as possible and I am very happy about it, but then it is clear that there will be periods where I’m not as good as I wish I was , she says.

Important to publicize

The royal couple has decided to share the results with the public keeping in mind the possibility of low working capacity of Crown Princess in the future because of the disease.

“It is clear that it is never pleasant to talk about your own health publicly, but it is clear that we see now that in the period I will be in with further investigations and possible treatment, I will be a part away . This means we have to tell about it without much speculation about it”, says Crown Princess.

The Crown couple do not want to go to the exact diagnosis.

“It’s a lung fibrosis. It’s going to be a situation where we need more investigation and will figure things out eventually, but there are probably things we can not answer, so we may have to live with some uncertainty , says Crown Prince Haakon.

Crown Princess Mette-Marit is very optimistic about the situation and is happy because the disease is discovered at such an early age.

“I think some of life is about learning to live with uncertainty. That’s the way for me too, but I’m very optimistic about what’s going to happen next and very happy that I have so good people around me, and not least that this was discovered at such an early age.”

The Crown Princess will possibly have to undergo further investigations and treatments trials in the future according to Bjøro.

He further says that the cause of the type of fibrosis diagnosed is known to small extent but one thing is clear that it is not related to environmental or lifestyle factors as is the case with other more common types of pulmonary fibrosis.

Bright side: Early discovery of the disease

The early discovery of the disease is very favorable for the further treatment and investigations. It is yet to clarify whether this is an autoimmune process only in the lungs or if there are other organs involved.

“When we have more overview, we can hopefully offer the Crown Princess treatment that can slow down and, at best, control disease development ,” says Bjøro.

According to Bjøro, the doctors are optimistic on behalf of the Crown Princess:

“This has been proven early, and we have a good hope that we will be able to control this, to control disease development in a good way.

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