Controversial new internet rules approved by EU member states

Despite Swedish opposition, the EU Council of Ministers said yes to the blockade’s controversial new directive on copyright on the Internet.

The rules, which have already been approved by the EU Parliament, were voted through with 19 against 6 votes. Thus, the new directive, which according to the plan also applies in Norway, can come into force.

The official goal of the new rules is to strengthen the rights of journalists, media, photographers, filmmakers, writers, musicians, artists, researchers and others uploading copyrighted content online.

They will address the problem of the internet giants today being rich in spreading others’ content, while those behind the content only get a fraction of the money they deserve.

This is particularly the subject of article 13 of the new EU directive. This article gives social media such as Facebook and YouTube greater responsibility for content uploaded by users, including ensuring that content does not violate copyright rules before it is uploaded.

The concern has been that in practice this will force large internet companies to develop technology for recognizing what content users upload, so content protected by copyright is automatically filtered away.

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