The construction of wind turbines on Frøya is temporarily suspended

The construction of wind turbines at Frøya is temporarily suspended following orders from the Ministry of Local Government, which is to review the County Governor’s treatment of the case.

– This is a difficult matter that will have many consequences for many. I take the concerns of the municipality and the inhabitants seriously. It is absolutely crucial that everyone can feel confident that it is a real trial the Ministry does, says Minister of Local Government and Modernization Monica Mæland (H).

The company Trønderergi notes that the Ministry has not made any material assessment of the case.


– We are surprised by the decision, but we have been explained that postponed implementation prior to processing cases with natural interventions is normal practice in such cases, says Communications Director Bengt Eidem in a press release from Trønderenergi.

He confirms that construction work is now stopped pending the Ministry’s treatment.

The development at Frøya has been very controversial for many years. The license was granted, after many postponements and revised license applications, in 2013, after the first license application came in 2005.

The protests came immediately, and when the power companies were to mark the start of the wind power development in April 2013, stockists from No took wind turbines at Frøya line-up and physically blocked the start of the plant.

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In April this year, six years later, the municipal council of Frøya decided that the dispensation they gave for development in 2016 was no longer valid. This complained to Trønderenergi for the County Governor, which on 10 May decided that the municipality’s decision was not valid either.

When Trønderenergi started work earlier this month, the shareholders were again in place. There has also been vandalism in the area.

The municipality of Frøya has asked the Ministry to reverse the County Governor’s decision. In continuation of this, the municipality has also requested that the work with the wind farm be stopped until the Ministry has finalized the reorganization requirement.

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