Conflicts, war and people’s migration can make climate change Norway

Norway is well-shunned to deal with climate risk, but conflicts that can result from major climate change will affect us anyway, states the climate policy selection.

Major climate change increases the risk of political instability, humanitarian disasters and violent conflict in areas that are vulnerable to before. War and conflict can affect the world economy, but also increase migration flows and unstable food prices.

There is a considerable indirect climate risk also for Norway, says Martin Skanche. He has led the climate auditing committee on Wednesday to submit his report to Minister of Finance Siv Jensen (Frp).

Changes anyway

“Although the world reaches the goals of the Paris agreement, the climate will continue to change for decades to come. We must therefore prepare ourselves for both climate change and the economic impact of the transition to a low-emission society, “says Skancke.

The temperature of the globe will continue to rise even if we were to release all the emissions today, due to historical emissions, he stuck when the report was presented.

The committee concludes that the consequences of severe climate change can be large and difficult to predict.

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