Search for Norwegian who fell from the Danish boat

The search crews have completed the search for a Norwegian man who fell overboard from the Danish boat Stena Saga on his way from Oslo to Frederikshavn on Saturday night

“We have conducted a thorough search for six hours, without discovery. Now we agree with the police to terminate the search, spokesman Nina Brundin said in the Swedish Maritime Administration to VG at 8.20 pm.

The search has taken place outside Fjällbacka in Bohuslän. The missing man fell into the water from a deck about 20 meters above the water surface. The Swedish Coast Guard was notified of the accident at 2.30.

“It was feared that the person had been in the water for about 20 minutes,” Brundin told Strömstad’s newspaper.

Press manager Jesper Waltersson in Stena Line announces to the news agency Ritzau that the missing man is Norwegian. In the area where he fell to sea, it is only about ten degrees in the water. Stena Saga was instructed to stay in the area outside Fjällbacka and participated in the search all night. Also the Copenhagen-boat Crown Seaways and the Kiel ferry Color Magic participated in the search. It also has a launch boat, a coast guard, a boat from the rescue company and a helicopter.

Several witnesses must have seen that the man fell overboard. Bad weather has made the study effort difficult.

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