Column driving on the E18 in connection with NATO exercise

In connection with the NATO Trident Juncture exercise, Tuesday is a military column driving on the E18 from Hjortnes in Oslo to E6 at Halmstad Crossing in Østfold.

The column launch begins with two columns of military vehicles at 13.30 and 13.45, while the last column will run at 19.00. The road traffic center says that traffic can sometimes go slower than normal, and encourages the public not to break into the column.

The reason for the column run is that the Armed Forces should transport material to the training areas.

In conjunction with Natoøvelsen Trident Juncture Run today Tuesday 19. September columns from CA at 19:00-21:00 from E18 Hjortnes in Oslo to the E6 X12 Halm stad in Østfold. Do not break into the column. Traffic can occasionally go slower than normal. – reads the tweet.

Source: Twitter

“What they are supposed to do is drive materials out to the practice areas, and therefore it’s columns,” explains press officer at the Armed Forces operating headquarters, Major Elisabeth Eikeland.

Trident Juncture is the biggest exercise NATO has held in 16 years. It involves 40,000 soldiers, 130 aircraft and 60 vessels from a total of 31 participating countries.

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Photo: Heiko Junge / NTB scanpix Photo: (NTB scanpix)
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