Colombia reinstates arrest warrants against ELN leaders

Colombia’s President Ivan Duque has reinstated arrest warrants against leaders in the left-wing guerrilla group ELN, following the car bomb attack in Bogota.

During a television broadcast on Friday, Duque Cuba asked ten peace dealers in the National Liberation Army (ELN) to reside in the Communist country as part of a peace agreement.

The fragile peace talks with ELN have stagnated for several months, but Duque has so far let the group’s leaders live in Cuba for the sake of negotiations. However, the beggar ran over to Duque after the car bomb attack in Bogota, which took 21 lives.

The car bomb hit General Santander’s national police college in the south of the capital in the morning hours on Thursday. The alleged perpetrator died when the car bomb was triggered, according to the prosecution. It will have been 56-year-old Jose Aldemar Rojas who drove the car, a Nissan pickup, with a bomb containing 80 kilograms of explosives.

The bomb was a terrorist attack by ELN, Defense Minister Guillermo Botero said Friday.

Colombia has raised the border security and control along the roads as a result of the attack, and the president has declared three days of country care.

Armed conflicts in Colombia have demanded 260,000 lives since 1958 and displaced 7 million people, according to Colombian authorities.

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