Climate change will provide more expensive food

Development Fund and Ruralis has come up a report about Climate change. Report says that Climate change will lead to reduced food production and increased food prices. A Report by the nation states quotes that increase in temperature will affect the total production of food in the world and likely to decrease the production.

Prices on the world market are likely to increase and that it will be more expensive to import food to Norway. In addition to price increases on for example meat, animal feed will also increase in price. Despite a well-developed infrastructure and large resources for conversion and adaptation, Norway is vulnerable to climate change.

The report operates with a scenario where the temperature rises between 1.7 to 6.4 degrees on average. In comparison, the Paris agreement aims at the temperature not increasing by more than 2 degrees.

However, increased temperatures can give some isolated, beneficial consequences for food production in Norway. For example, warmer winters can lead to fewer frost damage, longer grazing season and increased numbers of mowing. In addition, agricultural areas can increase.

A temperature increase will also cause the number of days of heavy precipitation to increase between 49 and 89 percent, and the amount of precipitation will increase between 12 and 19 percent, according to the report.

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