City council decided to limit the cruise traffic in Bergen

On Wednesday, the majority of the city council will decide to set a ceiling on the growing cruise traffic in Bergen.

Last year, the municipality along with Bergen Reiselivslag and Bergen Harbor agreed to set a limit of maximum of four ships and 9000 passengers a day. This year, they really want to reduce this to three ships and 8,000 passengers a day, as presented on Wednesday.

A report by Menon Economics shows that the average consumption per passenger in Bergen is NOK 1,090. 3 per cent which account for as much as one third of the total consumption. If you remove this group, the average is around NOK 700 per person. The report has been commissioned by Maritime Bergen, Bergen Næringsråd and Bergen Reiselivslag.

Different party different views

On one hand the Right politician Charlotte Spurkeland is doubtful about limiting the traffic and is more keen to get the electrified harbor. On the other hand, SV and MDG are ready to introduce even more strict ceiling that the city council.

The Socialist Left Party (SV)  and the Green Party (MDG) wants to limit the number to maximum of two ships and 5000 passengers a day.

– No not at all. It’s not about the money, and Bergen gets many tourists who are not from cruise ships too, ” says Diane Berbain (SV).

– Both emissions to air and water, but also wear in the living room and on cultural monuments. Bergen is not suitable for mass tourism, and should focus on quality rather than quantity, she believes.

The report does not change her views.

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