Churches in Oslo will might be affected by strikes among employees

From next week several churches in Oslo will be affected by strikes. If there is no agreement on meditation, any strike will come in effect from Wednesday. Parat, together with eleven other employee organizations, will take out nearly 100 employees in strike

“A strike will initially touch the Church Council Secretariat, the administrations of the Oslo Diocesan, the Church Council in Oslo, and also the churches in Oslo,” says Parat’s negotiator, Bjørn Are Sæther.

In July, the negotiations between the employers’ organizations and the Employers Organization for Church Activities (KA) were violated.

According to Sæther, all professions in the church are affected by the conflict.

“Priests, deacons, catechets, organists, kindergarten workers, church teachers, office workers, diggers and church servants are all part of the mediation we are now entering.”

The churches affected are Vestre Aker prosti, Nordre Aker prosti, Groruddalen prosti, Søndre Aker prosti and Domprostiet.


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