Christoph Marthaler receives Ibsen prize of NOK 2.5 million

On Friday, Christoph Marthaler, the Swiss theatre director and composer receives International Ibsen Prize of 2.5 million kroner.

The world’s largest theatre prize is funded by state Norwegian funds. Marthaler was awarded the award on Friday at an event at the Ibsen Festival at the National Theater. During the festival, a guest game of the award winner is also shown.

The award jury believes that 66 years old Marthaler is known for his unique stage language in the intersection of musical theater and a stylized physical theater.

“For over 30 years, Christoph Marthaler has been one of the world’s most significant and influential theater directors. He has created his own scenic language, which has opened up new insights into human relations and thrilled with a major international audience, “said Per Boye Hansen, chairman of the board, when it became known that Marthaler is the award winner of the year earlier this year.

The International Ibsen Prize was established by the government in 2007 and is distributed every two years. Till date, the only Norwegian who has been awarded the prize is author and dramatist Jon Fosse, in 2010.

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