Chocolate and sugar tax will yield less revenue that counted, says NHO

The chocolate and sugar tax will yield less than NOK 500 million in government revenue. It is less than what the government has expected according to NHO Food and Beverage.

Dagens Næringsliv writes that initially the tax revenue was estimated at NOK 5.6 billion. But during the first six months of the year, revenues have only been 40 percent of this. 

The fee was decided to increase by 83% during the Last year budget negotiations. CEO Petter Haas Brubakk of NHO Food and Beverage asks why you have a sugar fee that damages Norwegian competitiveness when the state does not receive the income as provided.

“Tax revenues will be higher than in 2017, but far from as high as politicians budgeted with,” says Brubakk to DN.

When in 2017 the target of 3.3 billion kroner was reached in income from sugar and soft drinks, more than 50 percent was earned during the first six months of the year. Nevertheless, NHO’s concern is not shared by the Christian People’s Party spokesman Kjell Ingolf Ropstad, who supported the government’s budget in an agreement for the current year.

“If the reason for the fall in revenue and tax revenue is that people buy less candy and soda, there is a wild development – good for public health and obesity and diabetes,” he told the newspaper.

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