China’s famous mountains look almost extraterrestrial

Chinese Fanjingshan looks almost like it is extracted from a fantasy novel or a strange planet. In July, the unique mountain area gained world heritage status.

Fanjingshan is a mountain area in the Guizhou province southwest of China and is considered part of the World Heritage because of the biodiversity of the mountain range.

According to Unesco , close to 4400 plants and 2767 animal species have been recorded in the mountain landscape. And centrally in the unique mountain area is a high cliff that protrudes in the middle of the mountain massif. The cliff will originate from the tertiary period of between 65 million and two million years ago, and consists of two tips at the top – connected by a bridge.

The top extends over 2,572 meters above the ground, has several Buddhist temples and offers spectacular views of the cloud cover.

According to National Geographic , the mountain area is China’s best kept secret – and one of the places to visit in 2019.

See more from the unique mountain area in the video at the top of the case.

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