China opens for rice imports from the US

Chinese authorities are now opening for imports of rice from the United States, which the two countries agreed upon over a year ago over a year.

As a result of the Customs War President Donald Trump initiated with China to bring down the US’s major trade deficit with the country, imports of American rice have never started.

During the G20 summit in early December, Trump and China’s President Xi Jinping agreed to enter into a 90-day “truce” in the Customs War, and as a result, the Chinese authorities are opening for rice imports from the United States.

The prerequisite is that the rice meets China’s demands and quarantine regulations, according to an announcement from the customs authorities in China.

Earlier this month, the Chinese authorities announced that US soybean imports had resumed, and it was also announced that from the beginning of the year, the extras roll on US cars and automobile parts will freeze.

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