China closes tourist access to Mount Everest

China is working to bring down dead climbers and remove waste at Mount Everest and therefore prohibits tourists from getting up to the mountain base camp.

Record climbers visited the Himalayas in 2018, and the growing popularity of the world’s tallest mountains has led to an increasing area of ​​garbage in the area. China therefore takes action and stops until further the tourist’s access to the base camp in Tibet.

The ban applies primarily to “ordinary tourists” and not to those who have climbing permits. The area being closed is located above the Rongpo Monastery, which is approximately 5,000 meters above sea level. According to Chinese news agency Xinhua, a new camp for visitors will be set up about two miles from the original one.

Chinese authorities are also planning to bring down dead mountaineers who are over 8,000 meters high. Several climbers perish on Mount Everest every year, and it is difficult to bring them down due to thin air, cold and unstable weather.

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