Charges against Brett Kavanaugh is under review by FBI

US President Donald Trump ordered the FBI to investigate Supreme Court candidate Brett Kavanaugh, while continuing to praise his candidacy.

“I have ordered the FBI to conduct an additional investigation to update Judge Kavanaugh’s case file. As the Senate requested, this update must be limited and implemented in less than a week, Trump said in a statement, shared on Twitter by his spokeswoman Sarah Sanders on Friday afternoon of US time.

“One day he will be recognized as a truly great judge in the United States Supreme Court,” Trump writes about his candidate.

Kavanaugh is charged for sexual conduct by 3 women. Christine Blasey Ford, the 51-year-old psychology professor at Palo Alto University was the first woman to come forward and accuse Kavanaugh of sexually assaulting her in the 1980s as teenagers.

In a statement by prosecutor Christine Blasey Ford’s lawyer, it is said that Ford “wishes this step in the process”. However, lawyer Debra S. Katz is not happy with the time limit the FBI has received and states that “there should be no unnatural limitations when it comes to the time or extent of the investigation”.

Fox news has questioned FBI that if they can complete the review in one week, they responded that “it depends on the schedules of all we have to interview, including prosecutors, it accused and testified.”

Kavanaugh says in a statement that he wants to cooperate with the FBI.

Background check, No federal crime

The FBI has previously conducted a thorough background check by Kavanaugh, primarily to determine if he “could pose a threat to US national security”. They have also confirmed that they know the accusations against the Supreme Court candidate but that they have not done anything about it because it does not seem to be “a potential federal crime.”

Vote for United States Supreme Court Seat

The Senate’s Justice Committee passed Friday by eleven to ten votes to approve the nomination of Brett Kavanaugh as candidate for the vacant seat of the United States Supreme Court.

Thus, the case goes on to the Senate, which in plenary will vote if Kavanaugh is to be approved as a new Supreme Court judge or not. This poll would be scheduled for the next Tuesday.

The Justice Committee called on Friday the White House to instruct the FBI to start investigating the charges and postpone the vote for a week. President Donald Trump said earlier that day that it would be up to the Senate to decide whether the vote should be postponed or not.

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