Change in the Population Register Act, Baptism will be affected

There is going to be a change in the Population Register Act. The Norwegian Church will no longer be notified about the birth of a child which will directly affect the baptismal numbers.

From October 1st, The Norwegian Church will no longer receive the message from the Population Register about the birth of a child. So, the church will not be able to send baptism invitation in the mail.

Now we can no longer contact our members directly who have just had children. It has been nice to be able to be active in meeting with our members and invite baptism in a tidy manner, “says Arne Mulen, parish priest in the Åsane church, located in a childish district just outside Bergen city center.

The number of baptism in the church is decreasing continuously. As compared to 81.4% in 2001, only 53.1% of the children born in Norway were baptized last year. The proportion was lowest in Oslo, where 30.9% of the newborn children were baptized.

If the trend continues, less than half of all newborn children will be baptized in the Norwegian Church in just two years.

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