Category 4 hurricane Willa head towards Pacific coast of Mexico

According to the reports of the United States Hurricane Center NHC, hurricane Willa has been raised to category 4 as it approaches the coast of Mexico. NHC also states that it has reached “extremely dangerous power”.

The storm is expected to hit the coast of Mexico sometime late Tuesday or Wednesday and bring with it heavy rainfall and strong winds.  The storm is expected to be “life threatening”, says NHC.

– The hurricane is expected to grow in power in the coming days. Willa will be a dangerous hurricane when it hits the coast of Mexico, says NHC.

In places between San Blas and Mazatlán, a hurricane warning is issued while a tropical storm is issued between Playa Perula and San Blas. According to Reuters, the areas are popular among tourists.

The danger level of the tropical storm Vicente is lower but it is expected to cause large amount of precipitation. The storm was originated in the south of Mexico.

Category 4 hurricane Michael killed 28 people when it hit the southeastern United States earlier in October.

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