A Caravan was caught in flames on the E39

A caravan running across E39 was caught in full fire on the E39 road at Øysand. The road is said to be open now for movement.

The police report that the fire is turned off. And at 15:50 the road is open, reports the Road Traffic Center.

– No people are injured in the incident. Traffic is still directed on site, police wrote on Twitter at 15:30.

Adressa first reported about the incident that the roads on E39 were closed on both the directions as a caravan was burning down on the road.

Vaktleeder Stig Lunde at the 110 central station confirmed that they were on the spot and started extinguishing.

“It was those who drove who called in,” he said.

Lunde stated that caravans are more or less completely burned out.

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