Car stuck in Ullernåsen Metro sinkhole in Oslo

A car is stuck in a sinkhole at Ullernåsen Metro in Oslo, reports the police on Twitter. There are no people in the car. On Monday morning, the police received a notification of the sinkhole via the Water and Sewage.

“- Must be a sinkhole and a large water leak. A car is in the sinkhole. No person in the car. Police on the way and assist with traffic routing”- reports the Oslo police on Twitter.

Tankers are in place to remove the water. The police assist with traffic routing, and the car is towed by a car storage company. Other than road and car no other property damages are reported on site.

The police do not know how long it will take until everything is cleared at the Ullerntoppen subway; sinking holes are a somewhat unusual mission.

“It happens that we are moving to it, but it is not often,” says operations manager Vindsland to NTB.

Cause of the leak is unknown yet.

UPDATE: Police updated that it was not the sinkhole, it found out that it was a dense manhole.

“It does not turn out to be a sinking hole. Only a coward that was dense, reported the Oslo police on Twitter just after 8.15.

(© NTB)

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