Car drove in a building in downtown Oslo – family of three injured

Three people of a family were taken to hospital after a car drove into a building in Pilestredet in Oslo city center. Driver was stuck after the accident.

The police were told that the car was driving at high speed right in the building. A family of mother, father and daughter was travelling in the car.

The accident report came Sunday just before 13:00 hours. The disaster occurred at the intersection of Pilestred and St. Olavs gate on Ring 1.

Police deputy leader Svend Bjelland announces to Aftenposten that the car came out of the Hammersborg tunnel and stopped for red light before it ran into the intersection and into the building.One of the injured was stuck. The clamp was eventually released and all the three in the car were driven to hospital. The extent of damage is currently unknown.

The police announced that around 14.10 the Pilestred will be closed for a short period of time to tow the accidental car.

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