Canada will host over 1 million migrants over the next few years

Canada plans to host over 1 million immigrants and refugees over the next three years. It accounts for almost 1 per cent of the country’s population each year.

Canada gave close to 286,000 people a permanent stay in 2017, predicting that figure will rise to 350,000 this year. Next year, the country expects to receive 360,000, and in 2021 Canada plans to give 370,000 people the opportunity to live in the country, CNN writes .

“To a large extent, thanks to all the newcomers we have received through our history, Canada has evolved to become the strong and wonderful country we all love,” said immigration and refugee minister Ahmed Hussen.

The influx of new compatriots helps rejuvenate the country’s aging population, helps in the low birth rate, and strengthens the workforce, adds Hussen. The Canadian minister himself was born in Somalia.

Canada’s friendly approach to immigrants contrasts with many other Western countries, including neighboring the United States, which implements increasingly restrictive immigration and refugee policies. Canada is particularly dedicated to providing refugee protection, and at least 138,500 of those staying for the next three years will be refugees or others in need of protection, Canada’s annual immigration report shows .

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