Buddhist monk convicted of rape in France

A Bhutanese Buddhist Monk, Karma Tshojay, resident of France has been sentenced for 12 years in prison for a number of rapes and assaults in the 1990s and 2000s.

The 56-year-old monk was convicted of being charged with a series of rapes and assaults against children in a Buddhist temple. There were four women who lived in the temple who accused him of being abusive against them and their children. One of the victims was only nine years old when she was subjected to sexual assault, appeared in court. Another victim was exposed to rape over several years from the age of eleven.

Tshojay, known as the Tempa Lama at the temple in La Boulaye. He has denied all claims since when he was first arrested in 2012. He spent two years behind bars before being freed on bail.

He still lives in the area with his wife, but is expelled from the temple community.

Another Bhutan monk, charged with assaulting a child under 15, was acquitted of the case.

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