At this Budapest restaurant, children can eat for free if you turn off your cell phone

– You can’t eat it anyway, points out restaurant VakVarju, The Blind Crow, in Budapest – in a campaign to put away the cellphone during the meal.

“The blind crow”, the restaurant VakVarju on the Buda side of the Danube in Hungary’s capital Budapest, lures with Hungarian food, well-being and desire for mobile-free meals.

In February, the restaurant launched an offer for families with children:

Turn off your mobile, so your kids will eat for free!

The mobile phones are placed in suitable boxes placed on the tables.

The owner, Rudolf Semsei, has his own philosophy of community and pleasure.

– As a four-year-old family father, I believe that celebration is an important pillar in a happy life, he writes.

– Such an occasion where the family, a group of friends or an old acquaintance sits around the table and eats well, forgets each other’s problems and refreshes the soul, he writes – and entices that VakVarju would like to join such special occasions.

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