British Prime Minister Theresa May will postpone brexit vote

Prime Minister Theresa May wants to postpone next week’s planned Brexit vote in Parliament until the end of February, according to The Telegraph.

Prime Minister Theresa May is unable to negotiate a revised withdrawal agreement with the EU in time for next week’s scheduled vote in Parliament and therefore wants to postpone the vote the last week of February, the newspaper writes .

Julian Smith in the Conservative Party should have signaled in a government meeting that the vote is being postponed. The newspaper is confirmed by a government minister that a vote next week will be too early.

– We are not yet there with the negotiations. From the EU perspective, it has not even started. Theresa May has not yet gone to Brussels, said the minister.

The vote is now scheduled for week nine, which means that the concern that the United Kingdom is withdrawing from the EU without agreement increases, writes The Telegraph. The United Kingdom will leave the EU on 29 March, two years after the country has formally notified the withdrawal.

Thursday, May travels to Brussels for new brexit talks with the EU. The goal is to renegotiate the signing agreement she negotiated last year – but which the House of Commons has rejected.

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