Brite wanted to escape from Australia on jet skis

Australian police have arrested an alleged British man who has been trying to leave the country on jet skis.

Queensland State Police received Monday tips for a man who had put out a watercraft at Cape York in the far north of the country. According to the hobbyist, the man had extra supplies of food and gasoline, in addition to being possibly armed with a crossbow.

Along with federal police and border guards, the state police attacked the man, who was arrested on a shallow by the island of Saibai just a few miles from Papua New Guinea’s coast.

The 57-year-old British was called for serious drug crime in the state of Western Australia, and police believe he was trying to escape to the neighboring north.

– Anyone who thinks they can travel in or out of Australia in this area without being discovered, must believe again. This arrest is a clear signal to potential escapes: Nobody reaches over much of Australia than us, and we will use all our resources to seize you and put you to court, said border police representatives and federal police after the arrest

Before being taken, the 57-year-old had crossed the Torres Strait, which is about 150 kilometers wide. There are several islands, most of them Australian, on the stretch of sea that separates Australia and Papua New Guinea.

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