Boy who fell into a well in Spain has been found dead

The two-year-old boy who fell into a narrow well two weeks ago in Spain, is found dead, Spanish media reports.

The boy fell into the hundred meters deep and 25-30 centimeters wide well in Totalán at Málaga on January 13 when the family was on tour.

According to the newspaper El País and other Spanish media, the rescue workers reached the body of the boy night to Saturday, 70 meters down the well.

The boy, Julen Rosello, was playing on the property of another family when he was seen falling into the narrow hole drilled illegally in an attempt to get down to the groundwater.

The only concrete sign that he had fallen into the well was some hairs that were found after a week’s time. There had been no other contact with him, but the rescue workers nevertheless refused to declare him dead before they found him.

Rescue workers had to drill a new hole parallel to the well and a tunnel from the side at a depth of 60 meters to reach him since the hole was too tight for an adult to be celebrated.

The work was hampered by the fact that the well was partially blocked by rocks and hard-packed soil which collapsed as the boy fell through the hole.

Finally, the rescue workers had to blow through a wall of hard stone with small explosions before finally reaching the two-year-old.

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