Bollestad broke two ribs in a bag race

It went hard on KrF’s national meeting this weekend. Deputy Olaug Bollestad now barely manages to move after she probably broke two ribs in a bag race.

– I slept a little tonight because it was so painful, says the Minister of Agriculture to NTB.

Bollestad shows some pills she has received from the doctors, who have fortunately helped to relieve the pain. But she still has to stick to the side when she goes.

KrF this weekend has been gathered in Rogaland to chisel out new politics. They have, among other things, decided to cut down on the paper leave and give a clear statement to the government to bring home all the Syria children, not just the orphans.

But there has also been time for play and fun, which was fatal for Bollestad. During a bag race in Stavanger on Saturday, she bit the ground.

– They think the ribs can be broken. I sacrifice everything for the party. It is important to play a little. Then we get shit in this and endure that when you are 57 years old and playing, it can go wrong. So I sniffed in the mud, she says.

Nevertheless, Bollestad came through the whole country meeting program, and could summarize the party meeting as follows:

– It has been a unifying national meeting. But it is clear that we have a way to go after the thorough debate we had this fall. I think we should do that, because we are totally in agreement with our policy. We have discussions about individual elements, but agree on the project, she says.

It was a country meeting broadcast from Troms who won the bag race, while party leader Kjell Ingolf Ropstad came in second place. Former party leader Knut Arild Hareide quit before the final.

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