Bolivian drug addict on the run after 28 years in prison

A Bolivian drug trafficker who spent the last 28 years in American prison escaped while admitted to a private hospital in his native place.

Jorge Roca Suárez returned to Bolivia in April after being arrested in the United States since he and his wife were arrested in a California hotel room in 1990. He was arrested immediately after returning home, but was recently granted leave for ten days because he should in hospital.

Now the 67-year-old man is on the run, and the deputy head of the country’s special police said a major operation is under way to find him.

Roca Suárez was known as the cocaine king and was the leading drug addict in Bolivia in the 1980s after taking over the “family business” from Uncle Roberto Suárez. Both uncle and nephew were suppliers of the infamous Medellin cartel in Colombia, led by Pablo Escobar.

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